YouTube Policy has updated its partner in 2018 After Logan Paul Scandal

YouTube Policy has updated its partner in 2018 After Logan Paul Scandal

YouTube Policy have updated for its partner program and needs the requirements for a channel to meet in order to create a channel and monetize videos.
A channel creator must follow these rules to monetize the channel.
According to YouTube Policy To monetize the video creator must have overall watched time on its channel must be up to 4,000 hours during last 12 months and 1,000 subscriber minimum.

YouTube Policy 2018

To apply monetization ( advertisement ), the partner should follow these rules.
YouTube will implement the new eligibility policy to all existing channel on 20th of February.Those channels which are failed to follow the rules will no longer able to earn money from advertisements.
According to the last policy of YouTube, channel holder needs 10,000 public views on its channel to monetize it, without any specifically required hours to watch time in previous 12 months.This new policy is the too hard for the new creator of the YouTube channel, to monetize their channels in recent rules.According to YouTube, this policy is a necessary way to of buying itself more times to see who is following the rules of company guideline.
Youtube will disqualify extra or unnecessary channels.
Now we are at that stage after the judgment of policy of YouTube, we are talking with the creators like you that YouTube is providing us a chance to improve our self with our own skills and improve our ability to identify the creators who are working positively with the community.
It will also improve your ability to away from “Bad Actors”.Youtube does not mention these bad actors by names.
These higher standards will also help us to safe independently hesitating videos from monetizing which can hurt income for everyone.

Why Update Youtube Policy?

The new stricter policy is shown after uploading the video of suicide by Logan Paul adult content which is opposite to the terms and conditions of YouTube published on 31 Dec 2017.Logan Paul is a star creator of YouTube.YouTube kicked paul off its Google preferred ad program and placed his YouTube red original programming efforts on hold.

Logan Paul

That is not a new issue for YouTube it is already discussed at various platforms of YouTube.
The unexpected videos appear on the alongside.
The company has made the promise to handle this situation and it is already covered the matter and the new policy is more efficient to cover this.

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