How SEO positioning act as a “Back Bone” in obtaining better outcomes

Marketing experts should be at the spearhead of limitless updates of Google Algorithm. If they aren’t, they have to face the risk of not being visible in important keyword searches. If your site or company does not appear in Google searches of keywords you want or are visible but behind your level or your customers are not able to see your products and services, you are needed to use SEO positioning technique to enhance your visibility.

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Are you aware of SEO on the page?

The elevation of the SEO search engines includes the creation, customization, and promotion of the content. Talking about SEO there comes two scenarios, “SEO on the page” and “SEO off the page”. When talking about capturing the traffic it actually means that you must be able to make your users-potential clients-who must be in love with your website.The first step is to become visible, but according to SEO positioning, if your clients do not enter the web, it is completely fruitless to have a good position in the SERPS of the search engines. Common Sense SEO goal will be that client who somehow finds your website, enter it and navigate through it.

Beneficial aspects of Common sense SEO Positioning:

There are two benefits of Common Sense SEO Positioning for a company:

  • Enhancing visibility
  • Enhancing profitability

Common Sense SEO – Enhancing visibility:

Common Sense SEO help increase the visibility of your website as it aims at that user who finds your website, enter it and navigate it. So, whenever they search for you using keywords you will be positioned for those keywords. Ultimately it will help you reach your visibility goals and run your competitor down.

Common Sense SEO – Enhancing profitability

Common Sense SEO knows each and everything if you want high traffic of visitors on your site. This knowledge is not being provided on the internet but is actually related to the mapping of techniques that will lead to an improved visibility and high indexing of your site.This includes most likely the creation of those services which will fulfill the needs of your customers, increase the number of customers and their movement to your website. Common Sense SEO, as an SEO positioning agency has evolved SEO techniques to provide best services to our customers. They aim at the long-term gainfulness of bloggers.

Currently, SEO positioning involves a very effective role of technical SEO that permits Google to track your website, index all the URLs and position them correctly.To provide us with this facility our consultants use best tools to bring the local and international SEO of our customer accuracy. Those tools include Semrush, ahref, Sistrix, Majestic and others.

Being successful with SEO is not that easy, generally, there is a need for the optimization of the website with relevant keywords.

Difference between, “SEO on the page” and “SEO off the page”

On-Page SEO:

On-page SEO refers to the optimization of every single web page in order to get higher ranking and higher traffic in search engines. It refers actually to both, “the content and HTML source code”. It goes under revolution by the time so it is necessary to keep with the latest practice.

Off-Page SEO:

Alternatively, off-page SEO refers to external links, social media, and articles. It has to do with the website promotion. It is very important because it helps your clients to perceive a particular website. Furthermore, it enhances the visibility of your website and subsequently calling for a higher traffic.

What can be done to have more customers and greater earning?

The most important and foremost measure is to enhance the visibility of your website.


It is one of the basic objectives of those companies who want to practice its activities on the internet. Currently, for your company to be successful in such a competitive market it is very necessary for the company to be at the top of search engines result from pages (SERP) when your potential client search. SEO techniques point that Google algorithm’s mark, although they are not the only algorithms, yet the objectives remain the same i.e. to be in the first of SERP whenever your potential client does a search.

Common Sense SEO consultants constantly use the most advanced tools to optimize the technical SEO. This enables the Search Engine Robot to reach your website and index it accurately. Once you have reached the desired visibility level, Common Sense SEO consultant aims at maintaining your website in the first results of the search engines.

Enhancing the visibility of your website:

Tracking and indexing

A non-optimized website runs a risk of not indexing a part of it. Moreover, the tracking can be slow and out of tracking budget.

If the Googlebot fails to get the indexed part of the website, it will not be able to position it, leading to the low visibility and ultimately low traffic. Therefore, the first step is agile tracking by the robot. However, the website must be indexed as said by the Googlebot to make it classifiable by the different search engines and rank it in the top list of “SERPS”. Google robot is not something an application or software it is practically a mathematical formula that runs your website.

Common Sense SEO practically works to optimize those factors which effect as a result tracking, indexing, and classification of a particular website.Having analyzed the above stuff it becomes clear how important is to optimize a website to enhance its visibility by improved tracking and indexing.If you have a well optimized and trackable website you will be able to gain very beneficial results including, high traffic, improved visibility, greater conversions to your website and subsequently more potential customers.

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