Google ‘to Finish’ Pentagon Artificial Intelligence project

A range of Google employees stepped down, and thousands of other people signed a protest petition against getting involved in the Pentagon Artificial Intelligence project, called Maven.

The conclusion follows excellent resistance in the tech giant’s workforce.

They feared that it was the very first step towards utilizing artificial intelligence for deadly purposes.

There’s not been any official announcement from Google.

Pentagon Artificial Intelligence project

Pentagon Artificial Intelligence project

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According to business sources, leading executive Diane Greene advised employees

on Friday there will not be a follow-up following the present contract expired following March.

However, Kate Conger, a journalist to the tech news site Gizmodo, told the BBC that Google hadn’t canceled Job Maven and did not seem to have mastered future job with the army.

Project Maven entails employing machine learning and technology ability to differentiate objects and people from videos that are the drone.

Back in April, up to 4,000 Google workers signed an open letter stating that by its participation in the job

the online giant was placing users’ confidence in danger, in addition to dismissing its”ethical and moral obligation.”

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