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This video is about on Order List And Unordered List in Urdu and Hindi tutorial | itbaba

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This video is related to “How to create order list and unordered list in Urdu and Hindi”.
Sometimes you have to put the list on the webpage but this is important point how to create the list.

You can create list two types of list.

1.Order list.

2.Unordered list.

1.Order list.

An order list is a numbered list of items. It means, in this list all the items which you include in the list will show in numbering or in a specific order.
For example:


2.Unordered list.

An unordered list is bulleted. it means, in the list, all the items which you include in the list will show in bullets or in no specific order.
For example:


“Ol” stands for “order list” and “ul” stands for “unordered list”
in these tags, you type <li> tag which indicates list items.
We have to type <li></li> tag again and again if you add many items.
We can also create sublist by the same method.
We have to type <ol></ol> or <ul></ul> tag inside that list by which we want to make sub list.

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