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Google rattles Wall Street might have a spending issue.

Enforcement (GOOGL), the parent firm of Google, racked up $7.7 billion in capital costs for the first few weeks of 2018 about everything from property to undersea cables.

Google rattles Wall Street

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The business reported strong growth in earnings and revenue for the quarter Monday,

helped with a lower tax rate and fueled by the power of its marketing company. However, its investments seem to be Wall Street that is rattling.

Tuesday, Google’s stock dropped as much as 5 percent in early trading.

Alphabet spent2.4 billion in March to purchase Chelsea Market from Manhattan to expand its office space in NYC.

The company said it spent in manufacturing equipment, information centers, and undersea cables.

“These joint investments will expand our calculate capability to support our expansion perspective across Google, such as machine learning, both the Assistant and cloud,” Porat explained.

The agreement was first announced in September but completed quarter.

Ben Schachter, an analyst with Macquarie, wrote in an investor notice Tuesday that Google “seems just like

” Amazon in its willingness to spend heavily in the future.

“It seems quite massive chances for long-term expansion (research, YouTube, Cloud, automobiles, and health, etc..)

Also, it will invest in these,” Schachter said. “That is absolutely the right thing to do and can on the long-term increase shareholder value.”

The issue, under Schachter, is that a lot of the small business chances Google is currently investing in today might not wind up being rewarding for the business because of its moneymaker: hunt that is first.

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