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In this Post, I wanna tell about “CSS Hover Effect”.

How can we give CSS Hover Effect to the div boxes?if you take several div boxes then apply class along div name.
first of all, you will make the main div and then style inside the style tag.Give width, margin, and padding.

You will use flex instead of height due to flex the div will extend around all div boxes.You will also apply justify content in center and type transition.The value of transition is your choice.Now create several div and go to the style tag.You will use different attributes of styling such as width, height, background, margin, float etc.

The next step which is related to the topic has hovered the div boxes.In hover, you will apply transform scale while you can also give background, border, box shadow.This makes the div boxes attractive.It depends on yours, what thing will you insert in div boxes.You can insert images, profile info, text etc.

After that, you will type z-index; the function of z-index is that it displays the content or Graphic which is hidden in the div.If you give positive value then the content or graphics will display outside the div.While if you give negative value then the content or graphic will display backward to the div.

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