Create Hoverable Dropdown Menu in HTML or CSS | itbaba

Create Hoverable Dropdown Menu in HTML or CSS | itbaba

In this video, I will talk about “Create Hoverable Dropdown menu/sublist”.in website, the menu is related to web pages.

First, you will create div with name “menu”. After that; you will type unorder list tag <ul> and then <li> for will also type anchor tag <a> with href attribute. Through this, you can create a link to your web page content with menu options.

Now you will give styling and make the setting of your menu in style tag. For menu setting; you will give margin-left and margin-top.
Then you will use different attributes for styling such as width,height,float,background,border,font size,text align,border style and radius,position etc.
You will also give hover to the menu list.hover is used for animation in the web page. Now create sublist.for creating sublist;You will also type unorder list tag <ul>, <li>,anchor tag <a> and href attribute.These tags will type in that menu option in which you want to create sublist.
For the setting of sublist, you will use attributes such as margin-top, position, display, top etc.

For hide dropdown, type display: none in the style tag during styling.
if you want that the drop down is to be shown when you click on the menu option then use hover.

You can also create the list in the sublist and give styling by using different attributes.

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I hope you will achieve better knowledge about “Create Hoverable Dropdown Menu in HTML or CSS” from this video.

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