How to Create Container or column boxes in CSS | itbaba

How to Create Container or column boxes in CSS | itbaba

This video is related to How to create Container or column boxes in CSS.
The containers are the area enclosed by beginning and ending is used to create the border around content on a webpage or it is used for the positioning of the content area.The container can be created anywhere according to the layout of your can create multiple containers.
First of all, you will take div’s for container and also type class or id with div name.i will prefer that you type class because you will take class its easier for styling and you will not have to do separate styling for every div.

After that,give width,height,background,float for styling. you can also style it with margin and border. You can also insert an image or any content in the column box or container.For an image, you will have to type image tag<img> with attribute source “src” while you will also set width and height of the image.
For content, type paragraphs between the opening and closing tag of the paragraph.But this tag is inside the required div.
You can also change font size, color, the direction of your content for styling.The container div and content are almost always used to allow for more css.We can also include the header, footer in the container with image or content.

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