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Here is a complete video tutorial about on Basic HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) introduction.

I will be starting to teach you Basic HTML.I introduced the course related to web designing and development. It’s my pleasure to teach you, how to create an effective and responsive website. This course will give you complete awareness about web designing and development. It’s all about you and those who are interested in IT field.


We can create the website by using two ways.

The first way for creating is Basic HTML.and the second way for creating is CMS. The website which is creating on HTML is said to be static

We use Basic HTML, CSS, and javascript language in static. There is no database in static.It is cheaper in rate.But we required higher expertise skills for updating in static websites.

The website which is creating on CMS is said to be dynamic

The dynamic website is based on WordPress.WordPress is a site which is used for creating in the easier manner.WordPress is actually CMS.

It has the database…(database is used for save data of website in table form)We use HTML, CSS, Javascript, MYSQL, PHP language in dynamic websites.

it is expensive in rate and easy in updating.

Today’s My topic is related to Introduction To HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language).In this video, I am thought about the basic of HTML, included how to create layout or structure of web page by using the coding of HTML.

HTML is a basic standard language for creating web pages and web applications. It is also called structure of a website.

It describes basic elements such as heading, paragraph, lines, images, lists etc In HTML, we use paired tags.

In this video, I provided the better knowledge of HTML and described the ways of creating the website, what is the tag, what is attributes and the details of basic tags of HTML.

You can make HTML document on Wordprocessor, Notepad, Word pad while you can see the result of your web page coding on any browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

Watch Video :

I hope you will achieve better knowledge of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) from this video.

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