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Today’s our topic is related to “Basic HTML and CSS Website for Beginners”.Ist of all, you will use the opening tag<html> and the closing tag</html>in your documents.the difference between opening and closing tag is expressed by forwarding slash”/”.

This course is related to Web designing and Development.It is my Pleasure to teach you, how to create the website.This course will give you awareness of creating an effective website.It’s all about you and those newbies who are interested in creating websites.

After that, you will type these tags inside the opening and closing tag of html.these tags are
<head></head>: it describes links, style sheets etc.

<title></title>:it defines title of the website.This tag is written inside the head tag.
<body></body>:all the content is written in this tag.

After writing the Tags, save the notepad where you want like desktop then you can watch the result of your document on any web browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox by clicking open with….on right drop-down menu.

After that you will use different tags.Content is made attractive by heading tags.heading tags is in different categories.<h1></h1>,<h2></h2>,<h3></h3>,<h4></h4>,<h5></h5>,<h6></h6>.It displays different sizes of your headings.The paragraph is written in Tag <P>….</P>.you can write any specific content related to your website in the opening and closing tag of the paragraph.Another tag is preserve formatting tag<Pre>….</pre>.The fixed width of your content is done by preserve formatting tag.

Now Let’s see some tags which make your content in a better way.
The breaking tag<br />: this type of tag is called standalone or empty tags.This tag is used between the lines which you want to break.i_e; Hello<br />I m coming.<br />wait for me.Horizontal rule tag<hr>: when you will use this tag.the right margin is created on your current can also separate many paragraphs by using this tag.

bold and italic tag:For Bold you can use <b></b> or <strong></strong>. and for italic you can use <i></i> or <em></em> tag.the content or heading will look perfect and attractive by using these tags.
underline tag<u></u>: this tag will show underline beneath your content.

Strike tag<strike></strike>: by using this tag, a line is created on your character which is written in strike tag this will look like deletion of your content.
Center tag<center></center>: you can use the center tag to put your content or any heading in the mid of your page.Monospace tag<tt></tt>:monospace tag will change the writing style of your content.
Abbreviated tag<abbr>: if you want to see any content in abbreviated form then you will use this tag.
Font size tag<font size”20″>…<font>:The content size is increased by using this tag.The last tag of this tutorial is Super text tag or subtext tag to change the position of your content.
super text tag<sup></sup>:this tag is used for change content position in upward margin.Subtext tag<sub></sub>: this tag is used for change content position in the downward margin.

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I hope you will achieve better knowledge about”How to apply basic HTML Tags” from this video.
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