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It is a complete Video on How To apply Marquee Tag And Its Attributes.

Today’s our topic is related to “How To apply Marquee Tag And Its Attributes”.

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Today’s the topic is related to “How to apply marquee tag and its attributes” first of all, you must know that what is marquee tag and why is its use in HTML?

This is an HTML tag that is scrolling piece of text displayed either horizontally and vertically depending on your webpage setting”. If you want that your text is displayed by scrolling in any position then you will use marquee tag.

The marquee tag is that <marquee>…your text…</marquee> You can use attributes with marquee tag.

Some important attributes are :

1.Scroll amount



4.Background color



Now discuss attributes.


1-Scroll amount:

You can increase or decrease the speed of your scrolling text depends on your given value.

<marquee scrollamount=”15″>….your text……</marquee>


if you use width attribute, your text will display according to your given value.The value will be in % or px.But it will easy in %.

Suppose you give value 50%,the text will display at the center of your webpage.If you give value 90%,your text will display from right side of the webpage.

<marquee scrollamount=”15″ width=”50%”>your text<marquee>


If you use height attribute,the marquee tag will display according to the given value of height.The value will also in % or px.

<marquee scrollamount=”15″ width=”50%” height=”120%”>your text<marquee>

4-Background color:

You can change the background color of your scrolling text through this can change color according to your webpage which makes attractive and beautiful.

<marquee scrollamount=”15″ width=”50%” height=”120%” bgcolor=”#”>your text<marquee>


It defines the types of scrolling.

It has three options:




You can choose any option which you want.

<marquee scrollamount=”15″ width=”50%” height=”120%” bgcolor=”#” behaviour=”alternate”>your text<marquee>


The most important attribute is direction.You can change direction of your scrolling text through this attribute.

It has four options:





If you use right direction then your text will be scroll from left to right.

<marquee scrollamount=”15″ width=”50%” height=”120%” bgcolor=”#” behaviour=”alternate” direction=”right”>…..your text…..<marquee>

If you use up direction then your text will be scroll from bottom to up.

<marquee scrollamount=”15″ width=”50%” height=”120%” bgcolor=”#” behaviour=”alternate” direction=”up”>…..your text…..<marquee>

As well as you can use left and down direction.It depends on your webpage setting.You can apply any direction which you want.

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This method is for notepad.This is process is also for website software like Adobe dreamviewer 8, Adobe dreamviewer cc, Adobe dreamviewer CS6.

Adobe dreamviewer is a software which is used for creating websites by using codes.The difference between notepad and dreamviewer is that the tag and attribute are automatically updated in Adobe dreamviewer.

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