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First of all, We will know that why is anchor element used in HTML.

“Through anchor element, You can attach any word to your webpage”.

The viewer can easily watch the other section or pages of your website.

In simple word, We can say that the word between the opening and closing tag is a part of the link that you will give in the anchor element.This link may be any document if you want that visitors watch your document you can attach this document to the word between opening and closing of the anchor element.


   <a>….any word like Home…..</a>

   <a>….any word like Gallery…..</a>


These words will display in the header of your website or where you want that is called Menu.

If you want to link any specified content or document then use “href” attribute.“href” attribute is used to create a link with a word.Through this, you can see any particular section or page of your website.


   <a href”any file link”>….Home…..</a>

   <a href”any file link”>….Gallery…..</a>


You can attach document, audio, images, video which you want according to the requirement of your website.

Simply we can say that this attribute works as a Hyperlink.

Next attribute for discussion is “Target“.Through this attribute, the previous pages will display with the active window or active page of your website.The previous page will not shut down or close and you can easily go back to any page.

Four options will display in target attribute.if you will choose blank and new then target attribute will complete your task.


   <a href”any file link”>….Home…..</a>

<a href”any file link” target=”blank”>….Gallery…..</a>

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